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A little secret about the Instagram Algorithm...

Here's a little secret about the cold hard truth of the instagram algorithm.

When it comes to the algorithm... did you know that focusing on new followers could be killing your growth? 😬

I hear you... you want to hit 10k followers because it’s like⁣

“So cool to have the swipe-up”⁣

But, in your swipe-up lust, you forgot one super important detail.⁣

You already have followers🤯⁣

If you only focus on your growth & not your current loyal peeps then you’re missing the boat on the potential for your biz!⁣

Here’s something crazy about the algorithm that I bet you didn’t know…⁣

IG cares MOST about the RELATIONSHIP you have with your current followers so much that if your followers aren’t commenting, liking, or engaging...⁣

They won’t show anyone else your content 😱⁣

Remember, organically only about 4-7% of your following sees your posts/stories when you publish it…⁣

The trick to increase that % is to engage with your followers as much as possible.⁣

Here’s a juicy secret to the algorithm👇⁣

If you’re commenting on “Sharon’s “post, watching her stories, & DMing her, the more likely IG will showcase your content on Sharon’s FOLLOWERS Explore Page😳⁣

Instead of focusing on NEW- flip the switch and start focusing on the ones who are already there.⁣

Start acting like they are your insta-besties and the algorithm will start working in your favour 💗

For business insta coaching sessions ... Drop me a message cuties 😜

⁣Holly x

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