• Holly

How to take your Instagram account to the next level!

Here are 10 marketing tips that will elevate your Instagram account for your business!🌸


👉🏼Make sure you switch to a business account

👉🏼Use Instagram’s FREE tools (insights) to see engagement data, impressions, follower data and more

👉🏼Post teasers of products/services that will excite customers and encourage them to buy

👉🏼Create sponsored ads - they are your best friend!

👉🏼Take full advantage of Instagram stories - try to post daily

👉🏼Partner with micro-influencers to boost your reach

👉🏼Gather user-submitted photos and feature on your page using the #regram hashtag

👉🏼Create an interactive brand hashtag (we always use #milkshopmedia on our posts) and get your customers to use it when posting about your business

👉🏼Post during peak days an hours but don’t over post! Quality over quantity . 👉🏼Track the right metrics - keep an eye on metrics such as follower growth and follower engagement

👉🏼Stay trendy - make sure you move with the trends... don’t get left behind! 🥛 •

It is so easy to get lost in the world of instagram 🤪 but follow these tips and they will slowly set you up for success 💫 •


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